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New year, New Style (2021 Home Trends)

What a year 2020 was. I think it's safe to say, GOOD RIDDANCE!

With Covid vaccines underway, and a new hope dawns, we can begin to start getting back to normal, whatever that is. Now that you are looking around you as Spring approaches, what more do you want to add to your home life? Well, have I got the latest and greatest home trends for you to ponder over.

In my humble opinion, I believe there is nothing like paint to transform your space without taking out a loan or donating a kidney. Colors this season are like warm and earthy sunset desert vibes, with deep blues and greens to ground, and a splash of red for accent, just maybe not all together. Too, on the pastel side you will see peach and pink harkening back to, dare I say, the 80's? Yes, that is going to be a thing again. Because as we know, if you lived to see it the first time around, chances are you will see it again before you pass on. Also, think colors more on the brown side of life than grey. Make since? Good.

When the fashion "Gods" speak, we don't always have to listen. Am I right? But, it is good to stay informed just in case you want to heed their sage advice. In the end, always be true to you and your style. Amen?

All of that being said, what we are going to be seeing are less white on white interiors by adding in more of the colors I mentioned earlier. So, what this means especially for kitchens and baths are more contrasting between the elements (ie. light countertops/dark cabinets or vice versa). Mixing metal tones will still be in as well as island accent colors. Grey cabinets will still be in fashion but, beware, there is a shelf life on that so be warned. The cutting edge for cabinet colors hitting the scene will more than likely be green.

Now I love me some Mid Century but that dog has had its day. Tone it down a bit so it isn't so obvious if you want to be on trend. Remember, though, you have a choice to do whatever the hell you want. So I say, God's be damned! Barn doors are phasing out as well as vibrant accent walls. Matching furniture sets are out and eclecticism is in. Remember that floral wallpaper your grandmother had? Well... it's in. Granny Chic is a thing, embrace it people. I can almost smell the apple pie baking as I type. Also, think industrial with modern elements, and wicker/rattan are hitting us up again too. Remember what I said about the 80's? My mom loves the beach and, myself growing up in the 80's, she had a house full of that wicker and rattan furniture. Think Fantasy Island, only more chic.

As with anything, I will always tell you to do what you love. Do it loud and proud, and with style. If we only get one shot at this life, let's make it a grand one. If they don't like it, well, to bad. It's your home and you rule! Design is mostly subjective when you follow good principles, so relax, it's all been done before just with different twists.

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