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The Great Table Scape

Here we are again, the holidays quickly approaching! Hopefully this year will be way more festive than last years lost lonely holiday season. So, time to get those creative juices flowing again and give it your best shot! There is nothing like a well dressed inviting holiday table scape.

Here are some tips to pulling off that polished and professional looking arrangement. As you can see in the photo above, there is a definite design, flow, and balance to it all. It has a clear theme and intention as well. Let's break it down, shall we?

In my humble opinion the most important principle is, BALANCE. This will make or break the whole thing. There are two types of balance bisymmetry and asymmetry. Can you guess which one this picture shows? If you guessed asymmetry, you would be correct. Although it looks to be mirrored or bisymmetrical, it is not. Can you see the difference? Both sides display similar elements, but they are arrange in different patterns. This creates an asymmetrical arrangement, but still balanced.

When approaching your table, it is always good to have a plan for materials and execution. If need be, find an inspiration picture to use as a template to make it your own, or sketch it out on paper first. I find it's easier to think in levels. What I mean by this is base level, eye level, and birds eye level. So, what will be placed at the base of the arrangement (plates, pumpkins, flowers), what will be seen at eye level (candles, clear vessels, feathery floral), and what will be above eye level, or birds eye (Tall vases with floral at the top, above the head for drama). Keep in mind that you don't really want your guests to have to look through anything that is too heavy that would obstruct the view like plants or large pots. Notice that the candles and vases are at eye level but placed in a way that doesn't obstruct the view. Make sense? Good.

Remember that all the items should relate to one another. For example, you wouldn't, more than likely, add a Santa to your spring fling table scape. If you are that freak, loud and proud then LOL. So, for Thanksgiving, generally, warm tones with lots of texture and an appetite encouraging display of bounty. The sky is the limit, challenge yourself to be creative, take your time, and enjoy the process. No need to stress!

Shopping list: Table runner, plates, flatware, napkins, napkin rings, glassware, pumpkins/gourds fresh or artificial, flowers, candles, vases, and tall flowers. If you follow this list in order of placement, this is your road map for execution. Ex: Table runner down first, then plates, then flatware, then napkins/rings on plate, glassware, etc... The challenging part will be placing the items down the center of the table in a way that is not over powering or obstructing. This is where you will have to play around, like puzzle pieces, to find the right fit. Think RHYTHM here, another principle to apply to your arrangement. Make sure the colors and textures are flowing evenly throughout. This is where a template will come in really handy to knock it out of the park for a spectacular event. I hope this helps a little, a start, just dive in and make it happen! Happy Table Scaping!

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