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Come on Spring 2022 Trends

Here we are again, wasn't it just Christmas? I still see lights up, is this a thing? Anyway. In my older age, and with more experience under my belt, I have come to dislike trends. Like who are these so called "gods" with the right to tell us what's in and out? You know it's just a huge conspiracy to make you buy more & more & MORE STUFF E-VE-RY YEAR? I say, DAMN THEM!

HOWEVER, it is good for me to stay informed in case you decide you want the latest in cutting edge home fashion. Anymore, though, I believe in doing better. What I mean by this is really embracing who you really are and expressing that within your own space. Be authentic and more original, trend sparingly. Now that is not to say you can't do what's trending, just know this, if you go to far, it will date sooner than later. So, buyer beware. All that being said, here's what the "gods" are telling us what we must have in our lives in order to be happy and more popular.

This year will be all about Biophilic Design, in short, our innate need to connect to nature in our modern spaces. This can be a huge topic as it encompasses so many elements. For me the most important take away is, creating habitats for ourselves that will contribute to our overall well-being. This includes, function, color, and textures that improve our moods and quality of life. Since a lot of us spend so much time indoors, let's bring that in. So, this year multi-functional spaces, green, and lots of tactile textures will be the order of the day. Too, look to add more natural elements into your design like wood, leather, and stone, This doesn't necessarily need to be a surface treatment like flooring or fireplace surround.

Another trend rising will be vintage and sustainable decoration. This is right up my alley as a well-dressed room combines the old with the new. This is a good way to use trend to create your own individual look. So, grab some coffee and show your local antique dealers some love because traditional styling will be making a come back this year as well.

Some other trends to look out for are high tech homes, DUH, elevated outdoor living, and travel inspired designs. Word to the wise, though, regarding high tech homes. Be careful with the internet of things (smart appliances). The security updates on those leave a lot to be desired. Maybe rethink that "Super Refrigerator" as it could be a backdoor into your digital life. I mean do we really need our refrigerator ordering stuff for us? Just say'in.

One other trend to note, instead of grey, which is making its way out after a long run at the top, consider brown. This will be the new black so embrace the BROWN people! I know, but try it, you might like it! After all chocolate is brown.

The overall arcing trend for 2022 will be a more peaceful but productive environment. So softer, more curvy lines in the furniture will help to create more serenity. Now, as I say that, bold patterns and color will be trending as well. So, to me, that seems to contradict itself but I guess we need to cover all our bases. Now you can still use bold patterns in a soft way by proper color selection to create a more peaceful dwelling.

This is just a taste of all the trendy delights for 2022 as there is not enough time or space here to discuss. Like always feel free to ignore everything I just wrote if this is not for you! In the end, DO. WHAT. YOU. LOVE! Ya'll come back now, ya here?

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