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Tips for hiring an Interior Designer

        Hiring a designer can be overwhelming at first with so many choices and platforms to choose from. So, how can you cut through all the noise to choose the right person for the job? Here are some tips to save you time and frustration.

The first thing you need to do is get your house in order. This means knowing what your budget is. It's very beneficial to the designer if they know up front exactly what your spending limits are so it doesn't balloon out of control. It's always a good idea to shop around so you have more knowledge about how much things really cost. This will help aid in calculating your budget. Next, do your homework. Gather pictures from online and/or magazines that inspire you, and then create a notebook containing them. It doesn't have to be elaborate; just good enough to organize your thoughts and ideas. Now, if you are a crafter, go for it and create a masterpiece. This will help the designer get a better read on the style direction in which you want to go.

Once you have these things in order, it is time to select a designer. There are a few questions you need to ask up front to see if you and the designer are a good fit. First, what is the designer's philosophy. This will help you get a feel for the way the designer works, as well as his or her passion for the services they offer. Next, find out how he or she plans to charge you for their services. Most common ways are cost plus, flat fee, and hourly. Sometimes there will be a combination, and you will want to know that up front. Once you know, ask for a copy of the designer’s general contract to find out what it contains before you choose to hire that designer. Of course, there might be modifications from job to job, but at least you will know the nuts and bolts up front. Don't be afraid to ask questions regarding the contract. Last, but not least, find out if the designer is insured. There's nothing like easing any tension that might arise within the process by knowing they are insured. Insurance is very important to have should any kind of accident occur while the designer is in your home.

Hopefully the information you have received here will empower you in making your decision. If you need further details, click on my connect tab and contact me so we can chat. Too, if you haven't taken the time to browse my website please do so. You never know, I just might be the right designer for you.

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