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Spring has sprung, time to freshen your look without breaking the bank!

You don't need to spend a lot of money to give your space a new look. 4 areas to focus on to get the most bang for your bucks are paint, off the rack window fashions, rugs, and pillows. Without a doubt, I feel like paint is the very first thing to consider when a makeover is in order. It is an inexpensive way to dramatically change the feel of your room. So, get online and find some inspiration and try something new! There are so many possibilities with regard to the application. Try a bold stripe or take on a new faux finishing idea. Add a new texture or try out color blocking, anything your heart desires. It's your home, so live it up!

I can't stress enough what a transformation a few simple drapery panels can make in finishing the look of your room. I have done many custom drapery projects in my time but, if it's not in the budget, there are some really good quality ready-made panels to consider in a variety of sizes. And if you are worried about how to install them, there are plenty of videos out there to watch and learn. Too, some companies that sell window fashions have their own tutorials for customers to view. My tip for you is think bigger and bolder with your placement. By placing the rod closer to the ceiling, it will create the illusion of taller ceilings should you need that effect. Also, project farther out from the window line to create a larger, more dramatic display.

Last but certainly not least, changing out your pillows and rugs will help you to complete your room makeover. Your family and friends will definitely take notice, and make them want to follow suit. There's something about a rug that helps define the area and draw people in. Don't be afraid to scale up and try a fun pattern or texture. A good size for a standard living room is 8 x 10. But if there is room, I recommend 9 x 12 for greater impact. Now I know what you are thinking, how much is this rug gonna cost me? With a little research and browsing, you can find some nice rugs in the larger sizes that won't cost you your first born child. One more thing, don't forget the rug pad! The rug pad helps to protect your flooring from dye transfer, staining or scratching. Also, it helps to keep the rug in place and provides padding when using the thicker versions. It is sometimes better to buy a larger size, when available, and custom cut it to accommodate your specific rug size.

One more tip, when selecting pillows, get ones that allow you to remove the insert. By choosing this option, you can now store the old pillow covers away for another time. This is also a good space saver idea especially if you are like me, and have a pillow fetish. Ok, one more tip: mix things up with various textures, patterns, and colors. This will give you a designer look that can be both playful and expressive.

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