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Help! How do I hang these d*mn pictures?!? Part 2: Grids

Hanging pictures in a grid formation, to perfection, can be a challenging task to say the least. But, I have learned a few tricks along the way that I'd like to share with you. First thing you need to do is prepare by gathering all the pictures, hardware and tools needed to get the job done. Have a plan of action before hand to achieve better success, and less holes in the wall. What I mean by this is sketch out on paper the design you would like to achieve. Then figure out the center of the whole composition and where it will be placed on the wall. Eye level is a good place to start. From that center point measure out, using a LEVELER, the width of the picture + the spacing in between. Now do the same thing to the other side. Example: If I have a picture that is 24" wide and I want 2" of spacing in between, I would measure out 26" from the original center point on both sides and mark it. Then with your LEVELER, find the new center point which is 13 and mark it on both sides. Those are now your starting center points for 2 rows of pictures. You can follow this same formula and add another row, and another, and so on if more rows are desired. Now here's where it gets tricky. More than likely the hardware isn't at the top of the frame so you will need to take that into consideration. Clear as mud? Good. Stay with me!!!

Now that you have your center points, you will need to measure up to get the first picture's hardware location on the wall. Example: Let's say we want to hang 4 pictures that are all the same dimension. They are 24" x 24" or 24" squared. Don't forget to keep in mind our original spacing of 2" and lets say the hardware on the back of the frame is 3" down from the top. Starting from your center point measure up, using a LEVELER, 1" (half the spacing) + 21" that accounts for the hardware location on the back of the frame and mark it. Then do the same thing on the other side. Lastly, to locate the measurement on the wall for the picture below, measure down from the center point 1" (other half of the spacing) + 3" to account for the hardware location on the back of the frame and mark it. Then do the other side. Now you are ready to attach the hardware to the wall and hang those d*mn pictures. Good job!!!

Recap: Remember measure over width of picture + spacing from the original center point, then find the center point in between, then up the distance of half the spacing + the distance to the hardware location from the back of the picture frame, then down from center point half the spacing + hardware location for the bottom picture, duplicate on the other side, nail/screw, and hang. If there is one take away from this that I would like for you to hear it would be to use a LEVELER. The LEVELER will be your best friend for allowing pictures that are perfectly stacked and evenly spaced.

I know this sounds like that math problem in school where Jill is walking down the street carrying a basket of lemons, and how far does she need to walk to make lemonade. Who knows? Who cares? But, with practice some of you will be hanging picture like a pro in no time. For the rest of you, call me, I hang picture for clients all the time.

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